The noome® Story

Welcome to noome®.

Based in the UK, we create high quality and stylish travel accessories. Designed for the everyday traveller, our designs support your endeavours, helping you stay organised on your everyday journey and beyond.

Our story…

Founded by Sam and Phil, the couple had been running a family business together and had 12 years’ retail experience in luggage and travel accessories. They spotted a gap in the market and realised that their knowledge in the industry put them in a great position to create their own brand.

noome® launched with a debut product collection – stylish and functional wash bags. Sam and Phil decided to create a bag that would fit all of the toiletries the modern day traveller might need. It needed to be neat, easy to organise and with enough space for everything without being bulky. In addition, they wanted to make sure that it would be easy to get to the items you need without having to drag everything out and repack. Finally, they wanted a design that you wouldn’t have to put down on a wet surface. This is how the innovative noome® large hanging wash bag was created.


Our vision and values…

All of our designs are created exclusively in the UK. Family and lifestyle is at the heart of all that we do, and the inspiration behind our unique name is deep rooted with our founders. noome®, pronounced ‘noo-me’ is the name by which Sam called her father in her childhood. Today our aim is to make noome® a name that inspires many.

Our debut collection of wash bags provides a solution to travelling with various toiletries and essentials. With three inner zip compartments in the top half of the wash bag and three spacious bottle pockets in the bottom half, accessing what you need when you need it is made simple.

We are proud to use high quality materials in all of our products, including strong rubber zip pulls. In addition, our range comes with a free two year warranty for added peace of mind. Our designs are bold and bright, with our debut collection coming in eight vibrant colours, off-set by our grey accent colour. The noome® designs are copyright registered. 

We aim to bring our customers a full range of versatile, diverse and innovative luggage and travel accessories. It is our mission to provide solutions to the everyday travel problems, by creating further complimentary products in our range of travel accessories like no other.

Travel in style, travel with noome®.