8 Travel Tips to Guarantee a Successful Holiday

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There is nothing quite like the excitement of going on holiday, and it can be heart-breaking when something goes wrong. To help ensure that your holiday goes swimmingly, we have listed some of our top travel tips.


1. Make a List Before You Leave

Before you head off on your trip, make a list of all the items you don’t want to forget. Packing can be stressful and with so many things to organise, forgetting an important charger or document isn’t uncommon. It’s often useful to write the list in the few weeks leading up to your trip, as things are likely to pop into your head along the way.

 2. Don’t Over Plan Everything

You will want to have a rough itinerary and an idea of the key things you want to do when you’re away, but make sure you leave room for spontaneity. You’re likely to find local events and things to do during your time away, and it would be a shame to miss out simply because you have over planned.

 3. Buy Travel Insurance

Getting into an accident when you’re away can be costly, especially if the accident is serious. Plus, losing your travel bag and being left without your essentials can really impact the first few days of your trip. With travel insurance, you can rest assured that the cost will be taken care of should anything unfortunate happen.

 4. Learn Local Phrases and Greetings

Though you’re not expected to learn an entirely new language before visiting a new place, it’s always helpful to know a few local phrases and greetings. Not only will it make getting from A to B and ordering in restaurants a lot easier, but it’s also seen as polite.

 5. Always Photocopy Important Documents

If you’re unfortunate enough to lose an important document when you’re away, you’ll need a photocopy. Photocopies of passports, driving licences and travel documents can come in very handy if the original goes missing.

 6. Plan Your Outfits When You Pack

Most of us travel with a relatively small suitcase or backpack, which means there isn’t room for everything. That’s why it can be helpful to plan your outfits when you’re packing. Not only does this ensure you have everything you may need, it also helps you to visualise different outfit combinations.

 7. Speak to Local People

Locals are the ones that will know the best restaurants, best views and best places to eat. So, make a point of getting to people and ask for recommendations. After all, there is only so much that can be gained from reading a guidebook.

 8. Choose a Great Travel Bag

Choosing a great travel bag can take a lot of the stress associated with going on holiday. Instead of using a bulky handbag or a bulky backpack, choose a bag that’s compact and lightweight. You should choose a bag that has room for everything, without being unnecessarily large.


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